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Interested in owning a Habitat Home in Davie County?
Are you willing to work for it?

If you answer "yes" to the following questions, you might qualify to buy a Habitat home!

  1. Have you had steady income for the last 18 months?
  2. Have you lived in Davie County for the last 12 months?
  3. Is it overcrowded in your home? Are you living in substandard housing?
  4. Do you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood?
  5. Are you making monthly payments on all your debts?
  6. Are you willing to work 400 "sweat equity" hours on Habitat homes or at the ReStore?
  7. Is your household income less than $40,000 per year?
  8. Do you have less than $2,000 in non-medical collections?
  9. Do you have a good payment history on current debt?
  10. Are you unable to qualify for a conventional home loan?

Note: Payments on current housing expenses (rent payment, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.) and payments on current debt (like credit cards, automobile loan, medical debt, student loan, etc.) may not exceed 40% of gross monthly income in order to be considered for a Habitat home.

5 Easy Steps to Qualify

  1. Click here to submit an online Preliminary Applicant Questionnaire
    You may also Print a copy of the questionnaire and either drop it off at the Habitat ReStore or send it to the attention of the Habitat for Humanity Family Selection Committee at P.O. Box 1384 in Mocksville. 
  2. Attend a Davie Habitat Homebuyer Orientation to submit an application with copies of supporting documents (blank application form may be picked up at the ReStore).
  3. You must return 2 signed forms: Personal Information Authorization & Release and the Verification of Employment proceed with the application process! With your signed permission, Habitat will: run a credit check, verify employment, and verify lease information on each adult 18+ who will live in the house. Habitat will also check for outstanding judgments or unsatisfied housing-related accounts.
  4. Allow a home visit by the Habitat Family Selection Committee.
  5. Upon review of your application materials, you will receive a letter either requesting more information or a letter indicating the Board of Directors' decision.

When you are may begin to work on your sweat equity hours, attend required homebuyer classes, and begin to make payment on your closing costs.