Your Financial Support Helps Build a Stronger Community
Working alongside families and volunteers brings home the challenges of affordable housing. While our community grows and prospers, there are many who struggle with overcrowded and unaffordable housing, With your generous support, we can help families build and own an affordable home.
It’s important to remember that this is not a hand-out, each Habitat family works alongside volunteers, helping to build and purchase their home.  Once the house is complete, they become owners, paying a mortgage that is affordable, so they can build equity and care for their family in a safe and stable neighborhood.
Ways to Donate

Donate online: It’s fast and easy, just click the blue donate button above to make a donation of any size you wish.

Send a Check: Make a gift to Davie County Habitat for Humanity and mail to: Davie County Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 1384, Mocksville, NC 27028.

Donate Time: There is more to share than what is in your pockets. Take the time to help us build homes for our community members in need or working at our ReStore.